The company was founded in 1962 to trade with sporting items. Nowadays we design and produce trophies for sporting events and commemorations.

We manufacture, commercialize, distribute and sell all kind of items for sport ( and awards in the domestic market and abroad.

The company started exporting its products in 1978. The Management of the firm always knew that developing the export area would be a strategic issue for its growth.

The company has been able to get on the top of the major domestic market manufacturers thanks to the great demand the new lines have had among its customers.

Thanks to the business culture of the company, the interaction with society, participating and promoting sport, caring for its employees and keeping investigating and developing new products and processes, the company has been able to reach this position in the market.

design department
design department


1964 we start commercializing a new line: Nayblan Sporting Trophies including a collection of figures made of aluminum, assembled on a wooden base.

1972 we start manufacturing Trophies made of zamac, in particularly "high relief medals" and "medal holders".

1978 the company begins to attend and visit sporting shows, in Spain and abroad and thanks to this we start exporting our medals and Trophies to France, The Netherlands, Germany and other European countries.

1981 we start building the new facilities (where the company is settled nowadays).

1985 we furnish the foundry with our own machines to melt zamac, new polishing machines and a new drying area. All trophies and medals were developed by our creative department.

1995 we enlarge the facilities of the foundry: we provide it with new injection machines. We set up a new section to assemble the sporting cups which will highly improve our turnover.

1997 apart from medals and medal holders, we add new lines to our Nayblan catalogue: new collections of cups, plaques and resins.

2001 we develop a new two-colour medals collection as well as medal holders which will become very popular in the international markets.

2003 we add a new line to our Nayblan catalogue: cristal trophies.

2004 "CLADEMARK"- an Economics club grantsSPORT ENEBE, S.L.U.with the 2003 prize for its efficiency on the category of "Premio a la Proyección exterior", which is a prize for its international growth .

2005 We include advertising products in our Nayblan catalogue. This year our catalogue features new models of resins, plaques, trays, and new models of zamac medals in 45-50 and 70mm.

2007 we develop new medals: High quality medals, Eko medals and iron medals (25 more models). We also develop Manga Pins, Manga medals and Dog-Tags. We also include new collections of cups, resins and crystal trophies.

2009 on the XIV Edition of the AEFA (Alicante Family Business Association), SPORT ENEBE, S.L.U., was granted with the prize "Premio de la Generalitat Valenciana (R&D&i)".

2010 we continue enlarging our catalogue with new collections of resins, crystal Trophies and in particular, specific sporting medals.
2012 B2B Corporate. New online platform for the exclusive use of our customers. Order's processing and check real time stock.

2014: New collection: new models of Resin trophies ("New York" Range), crystal cups and medals with distinctive designs and finishs.

2016 We keep including new resin trophy models ("Classic" and "Brasilia" ranges), cups, crystal trophies, plaques and medals.

2017 Large collection of trophies: we add the "Fast" range (multisport trophies easily assembled), a new range of trophies, the "Berlin" range, and also novelties among the 70mm medals and sporting medals, and new plaques for sublimation.

2018: New models in the 63, 65 and 68 range of cups, as well as in the crystal trophies (sublimation), resin trophies collection, plaques and medals.

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